SA Rugby BokSmart: Rugby Medic Program

Acute On-Field Injury Management Course

  • Becoming a Rugby Medic
  • Equipment
  • Mechanism of Injury
  • Primary Survey
  • Treatment Flow
  • Secondary Survey
  • Cervical Spine Injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Concussion Identification and Management
  • Bleeding and Wound Dressing
  • Fractures and Dislocations
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Injury Reporting 

The BokSmart Rugby Medic Program is a joint initiative between SA Rugby and the Chris Burger/Petro Jackson Players Fund.

The Program is offered Nationally within all Rugby Provincial Structures. The Rugby Medic Program is a component of the over-arching BokSmart Rugby Safety Program for Players and Administrators involved in Rugby.

The Rugby Medic Program is offered through blended learning over a full day. Attendees receive a certificate of attendance after participating in the course. The course is not a formal First Aid qualification and does not qualify the attendees as Department of Labour or SAQA certified First Aiders. The course is a rugby injury specific short course designed to equip those involved in the game of Rugby with additional knowledge and skills to better manage potential head, neck or spinal injuries they encounter in the absence of formally qualified medical personnel field-side. For the full Acute On-Field Injury Management Manual follow this link 

More than 50 000 players, administrators and first aid support staff have attended the BokSmart Rugby Medic course which all adds to the basic first aid support offered on the side of the playing field to improve payer welfare in the game of rugby.

Proudly brought to you by SA Rugby.     

World Rugby: First Aid in Rugby (F.A.i.R) Course

  • Introduction
  • Standard Assessment Workshop
  • Airway Workshop
  • Breathing and Choking Workshop
  • Circulation, Bleeding and Shock Workshop
  • CPR & AED Workshop
  • Head & Spinal Injury Workshop
  • Limb Injury Workshop
  • Medical Problems Workshop
  • Practical Scenario Workshop
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) & Closure

The World Rugby: First Aid in Rugby (FAiR) Course is presented by Accredited World Rugby Medical Educators in accordance with strict World Rugby Criteria.

The course entails an online learning component to be completed by attendees prior to registering for the classroom contact learning workshop. Learners are issued with a certificate indicating their successful completion of the online learning component. To view the content and register for the online learning component, go to the following link  

The classroom contact learning workshops are conducted over a full 8 hour day. Attendees are issued with a certificate of completion on successful conclusion of their classroom attendance and skills assessments.

The World Rugby FAiR course is a rugby injury specific course geared to developing the knowledge and skills of first-aiders, rugby administrators and players who are involved in player welfare in rugby.It is not a Department of Labour Certificated First Aid Course and it is not a SAQA unit standard based qualification. 

Proudly brought to you by World Rugby.